Outstanding Quality–Exceptional Service and Delivery–Committed Customer Satisfaction
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Stephens Machine, Inc. to your company. We offer more than 200 years of combined services and experience to the machining, tooling, fixturing, steel fabricating, machine control and production machinery areas of your company.

We have complete machine shop, panel shop, machine assembly shop and steel fabrication shop ready to provide your company with expedited service and the highest quality standard predicated upon ISO9001 criteria. Our commitment is geared toward excellence in customer service as well as continuous improvements as we strive to operate with 21st century technology in all of our machining capabilities.

Our 2 – large facilities incorporating more than 46,900 sq ft. enables us to engineer, design, build , and assemble all types of products and equipment. We do job shop machining of component parts, tool and die work, molds and mold components, prototype R &D parts, production parts and steel fabrication , as well as any other machined or production components your company may desire. In addition, we offer turnkey construction of automated production machinery, control consoles, control panels and special purpose machines and controls. Our facility is equipped with standard and semi trailer loading docks and is conveniently located near state highways 31, 26, and 22. Stephens Machine, Inc. is proud to provide you with the utmost in customer commitment for all of our customers, no matter how large or small.

Enclosed you will find listings of the services and equipment Stephens Machine, Inc. has to offer you. We hope that after reviewing this prospectus, you will consider using our services for your company's needs. We assure you that if you give Stephens Machine, Inc. just one opportunity to service your company's needs, you will not be disappointed. As we have said before, Service, Quality, and Customer Commitment are the keys to our company's stable and sound direction both now and on into the future. We look forward to serving you in the future.


Gregory A. Stephens

Customer Commitment Through Our Capabilities
Our company is equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art machinery, both CNC turning and milling machines, as well as manual machining capabilities and steel fabrication machinery. Some of the many services we offer are turning, threading, boring, tapping, cutting, milling, drilling, grinding, sanding, resurfacing, broaching, bending, shearing, rolling and welding, as well as CAD/CAM and solids designing and in-house quality control inspection services. In addition to the above-mentioned machining services, we also offer machine design, construction and assembly; machine repair, maintenance, rebuilding and replacement of component parts to various types of machinery.

Along without he machine repair services listed, we offer, either on site or in our shop, complete electrical, pneumatic and fluid control systems rework, repair and/or upgrading.

We also build and repair complete cylinders and component parts for rotary actuated machines, pneumatic and hydraulic rotating and linear cylinders, with a warranty for craftsmanship on all work performed at Stephens Machine, Inc.

We have a complete steel fabrication shop for building various items including structural steel, square and rectangular tanks, bins, hoppers, part carriers and baskets, jigs and fixtures, handrails, stairwells, mezzanines, catwalks, platforms, brackets, and hangers. Our welding capabilities including mig, ti, gas, and arc welding as well as a plasma and flame cutting CNC Table.

Areas of Service

- All CNC Machining Capabilities
- Experimental and Prototype Projects
- CAD/CAM & Solids Design and Engineering
- CMM Quality Control Inspection
- Small and Large Production Machine Work
- Complete Job Shop Capabilities
- Job Shop Setups & Fixturing
- Molds and Mold Components
- Build and Rebuilding of Rotary Linear Cylinders and Components
- Tool and Die/Fixturing Design and Fabrication

- Complete Heat Treat and Annealing Services
- Steel Fabrication of All Types
- Tank, Bin, and Hopper Fabricating
- Various Welding Capabilites from Heli-Arc, Mig, Gas, AC-DC Welding
- Coating of all Types
- Electrostatic and Standard Painting and Priming per Specifications
- Electric, Pneumatic and Fluid Panel Shop Services
- Machine Installation
- Turnkey Production Lines
- Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof Electrical Systems

- Quality and accuracy to within your minimum tolerances +/- .0001 on repeatability and +/- .0002 on positioning.
- Part to part as well as statistical process control charting and feasibility quality controls to meet your quality control production requirements to ISO 9001-2008 criteria
- 24-hour a day, seven days a week service
- On-call service
- Yellow Pages advertisement
- Dock to dock pick up and delivery within 100 miles *subject to exceptions
- Product liability to protect your company from machining, fabricating, and welding defects in material workmanship
- Guaranteed confidentiality for experimental, prototypes, as well as design and engineering projects
- Assistance in machining and tooling problem areas, fabricating and welding needs
- Assistance in redesign of problem areas in machine maintenance and repair parts to optimize efficiency and longevity.
- Various programs from time and material, firm contract and turnkey as well as maintenance contracts that will fit your companies various budget needs

All machinery is state-of-the-art and in top condition to meet your tightest tolerances in both inch and metric dimensioning.

Vertical Machining Centers
- Fadal VMC 6030 VHT CNC Vertical Machining Center. Large 30"x62.5" table size 4000# work load capacity and table travel of 30"-Yx60"-X and vertical travel of 30" in Z-axis.
- Tree VMC 1260E CNC Vertical Machining Center. 50"-Y x 24"-X x 30"-Z axis travel maximum work capacity weight of 3,000#.
- Fadal VMC 6030 HT CNC Vertical Machining Center. Large 30" x 62.5" table size and table travel of 30"-Y x 60"-X and vertical travel of 30" in Z-axis.
- Fadal VMC 4020 CNC Vertical Machining Center. Large 20" x 47.94" table with axis travel of 20" x 40", spindle nose to table distance of 20" with table weight capacity of 4,000#.
- Hurco BMC-30 Vertical Machine Center. Large 16" x 40": with weight capacity of 2,400#.
- Hurco KM3P CNC Vertical Milling Machine. Large 14" x 49" table with axis travel of 14" x 24". Spindle nose to table distance of 17.25" with table weight capacity of 750#.

- Dianichi F30 CNC Universal Turning Machine. 21.6" swing x 50" turning length from 35-3500 RPM
- Dianichi F20 CNC Universal Turning Machine. 10" swing x 23" turning length from 45-4500 RPM
- Hitachi 4E CNC Lathe. 8" dia x 24" long, 35 - 4000 RPM
- Clausing Colchester 15" x 50" Lathe
- Summit Manual Lathe - 19" x 80"
- Clausing Metosa 14" x 40" Lathe
- South Bend Manual Lathe - 17" tool room lathe
- Lagun Deluxe Vertical Milling Machine - 54" x 11" table
- Bridgeport Mill 2J2 Head 9" x 48" table
- Bridgeport Mill 2J2 Head 9" x 42" table
- Bridgeport 2J Head 9" x 42" table
- Climax Portable Mill

- Chevalier model FSG-1224AD11 Automatic Hydraulic Surface Grinder with 12" x 24"
- Blanchard 36" Rotary Table #16
- Harig 612 Hand Surface Grinder
- Norton Tool Grinder

Q.C. Inspection
- Mititoyo BRT-M507 Bright coordinate measuring machine 20" x 28" x 15"
- Roughometer RMS Gauging System Autodrive SR-17 Surface tester
- MasterCam-Solids, CAD/CAM Version 10.0 Mill Level 3 System

Engineering & Software Capabilities
- Complete Auto-CAD 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 2000, 2002 and 2005
- BobCAD-CAM Version 16.0, 2 and 3-axis milling software
- Compucor CAD/CAM design Systems both NC Plus and Advanced System-2000 3D mold capabilities
- Espree X 3D Contour mold and solid modeling CAD/CAM system

- Hyd-Mech 13" x 18" capacity Model S-20A automatic indexable
- Marvel 81-HC High Column Vertical Bandsaw 18" x 24" capacity.
- Marvel #8-HC High Column Vertical Bandsaw 18" x 24" capacity.

- HTC Hydraulic Shear ½" thick x 10' long
- Accupress 320 - 320 ton 14' Pressbrake
- Web 2A - Intial Pinch plate roll 1/4"

- Miller Tig Dial Arc HF AC-DC High Frequency Heli-Arc Welder.
- Lincoln Mig Welder Ideal Arc SP-200
- Miller Matic 300 Amp Speed Gun
- 4 - Hobart 300 Amp Mig Machines with Feeders
- Hyper therm Max 100 Plasm Arc

- Hydraulice Test Stand for various hydraulic equipment and product testing with 5HP; 4.0 gpm; standard 1500 psi pressure with capabilities to 5000 psi as required.
- Geka 110 Iron Worker
- 12-ton x 42" wide 16 gauge Di-Acro hydraulic press brake.
- Di-Acro 16 gauge notcher.
- Various standard and miscellaneous sheet metal punches and tooling for multiple sheet metal operations
- 50 Ton Enerpac H-Frame Hydraulic Press
- Heat Treat Furnace Huppert 2,200 degree
- Tempering Furnace3 Huppert 600 degree
- Ridged 535 Pipe Threading Machine
- Ransburg Electrostatic Painting System.

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